excap - formerly known as Store Support

We are... excap!

Our new name is here. Starting today, we can finally call ourselves:

A new name, the same DNA.

With a huge amount of excitement, a drive to perform at the highest level and a clear focus on innovation, we can’t wait to make excap grow.

As glad as we would keep on telling you all about our new name, we rather choose to not keep you waiting any longer. Be sure to check out the vlog we have created especially for you, shot at the oh-so appropriate location called “The Future”.

We had a blast working towards our official launch, which we have worked on for months. More than anything, we look forward to work together in the years to come and to celebrate new successes together.

See you soon,

excap’s captains

Arjen, Ewald, Ivo, Astrid, Arjen, Barbara, Bastiaan, Baukelina, Danny, Dylan, Ellen, Elly, Erik, Frank, Grace, Janne, Jill, Klasien, Laura, Lieke, Linda, Mark, Marliek, Michiel, Miranda, Monica, Renik, Rik, Roos, Samira, Shanna, Thomas, Tom, Twan, Tyra, Willem, Yves en Yvette