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Serving the end user as well as possible


Everyone knows it, but who chooses it consciously? Shimano has a rock-solid position in the cycling world, but is looking for ways to involve the consumer more with the brand. Excap helps the well-known Japanese bicycle parts manufacturer.

Shimano wanted to serve its end users as well as possible and therefore developed the Shimano Service Centers. To serve the cyclist as well as possible, it is necessary to map out the needs of the end user. Shimano currently has more than 1,000 bicycle shops connected to the concept and they want to expand that network. Excap helps to visit more than 400 dealers in twenty countries.

About Shimano


Shimano is a Japanese metal processing company, specialising in the production of, among other things, bicycle parts. What began in 1921 has grown into one of the largest companies in the world. Everyone knows Shimano, they have a strong brand and a solid position in the market.

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