Privacy Statement

Excap takes your privacy very seriously

Excap takes your privacy very seriously and shall handle your personal data with the utmost security and care. In this Privacy Statement you will learn how we handle your data as well as learn about your rights in relation to how we process your data. We advise you to read this Privacy Statement thoroughly. Should you have any questions or remarks, please contact us at 

Excap takes the protection of your privacy and your trust in our way of working very seriously. You can be sure that we: 

  • work according to privacy laws and regulations; 
  • process your data safely and carefully only for the purposes for which it was provided; 
  • keep your data in our database for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected; 
  • do not share your information or sell it to third parties for commercial or charitable purposes; 
  • respect your legal rights, such as the right to inspection, correction, revocation and removal; 
  • only cooperate with parties that use the same guidelines; 
  • will honestly answer your questions about your privacy. 

1. How does excap use your personal data? 

Excap B.V., located at Helperpark 284A in Groningen is responsible for the data processing of personal data for the following purposes: 

  • Registration for an event > in order to keep you up to date about the event 
  • Request for more information > in order to inform you by telephone or e-mail about the services we provide 
  • Application form > to process the application 
  • Chat function > if a request for information or contact is made via the chat function, we store this data to respond to it. 
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  • Conducting customer or employee research 

2. Recipients of your personal data 

Your data may be transferred to (sub)processors. Processing agreements have been concluded with (sub)processors. These agreements stipulate at least the same or stricter security measures as excap itself. It is possible that excap is obliged to submit your data to a third party, for example to fulfil a legal obligation. 

3. Survey information specific to customer or employee respondents 

3.1 Which personal data is processed by excap, why and on what basis? 

Below you will find an overview of what personal data excap processes and for which purpose. The surveys conducted by excap and the results are always anonymous and aggregated. This means that your employer will not be able to see the specific answers you have given, nor will it be possible to trace the answers back to a particular employee. 

Excap only uses your personal data for the following purposes: 

  • To send you the survey; 
  • To make the results as accurate as possible; 
  • To process the answers you have entered in clusters based on gender, department and age at an aggregated level. 

3.1.1 Contact Information 

Excap receives your contact details from your employer in order to invite you to participate in the survey. We only use your contact details for this purpose and your details will never be used in the research results or shared with third parties. 

  • Contact details: name and email address. 

We process this personal data with the aim of: 

To allow you to participate in the survey. 

The legal basis for the processing of this personal data is: 

Processing of this data is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interest in tailoring our services to a specific assignment

3.1.2 Personal Information 

Excap obtains various personal data from your employe, which is necessary to accurately link the performance of employees to the research result. Excap always processes this data in an aggregated form. This means that a dataset always consists of a minimum of 5 respondents, clustered in age and experience segments. As a result, the data in the research report can never be traced back to an individual person. 

  • Age 
  • Sex 
  • Work experience with the employer conducting the research 

We process this personal data with the aim of: 

To conduct the research as accurately as possible

The legal basis for the processing of this personal data is: 

The processing of this data is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interest in offering you our services in the best possible way.   

3.1.3 Information related to an employee's performance 

In the context of conducting the survey, excap obtains various personal data from your employer, which is necessary to accurately link the performance of employees to the research result. This data is aggregated before being included in the research report. As a result, the information can never be traced back to a specific individual. The information obtained will depend on the study being conducted, but may include: 

  • Conversion rates; 
  • Absence rates. 

We process this personal data with the aim of: 

To conduct the research as accurately as possible. 

The legal basis for the processing of this personal data is: 

The processing of this data is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interest in offering you our services in the best possible way.   

3.2 Research Results 

When you complete a survey, we receive information that can be traced back to you. This information (at an individual level) is never shared with your employer or business relation. To further protect your privacy, research results are only aggregated when there are at least 5 respondents. Your employer or business relation will never receive research results that can be traced back to individual responses. 

We process this personal data with the aim of: 

To conduct the research as accurately as possible. 

The legal basis for the processing of this personal data is: 

- You have given permission for this; 

- The processing of this data is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interest in offering you our services in the best possible way. 

3.3 In which cases does excap disclose personal data to third parties? 

Your personal data is not shared with third parties, with the following exceptions: 

  • When you gave permission for this yourself; 
  • If the disclosure to third parties is required by law and/or regulations, if excap deems it necessary for the benefit of a lawsuit or if excap deems it necessary to protect its rights; 
  • In the event that excap provides data to its appointed processors who process personal data on behalf of excap.   

Your data will never be shared with third parties for commercial or other purposes. 

4. Transfer of your data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) 

Your data will be stored and processed within the EEA. No transfer takes place outside the EEA.  

5. What are your rights? 

Under the European General Data Protection Regulation you have a number of rights with regard to your data and the processing thereof: 

5.1 Access 

You may access your personal information and make any necessary changes to your account. If you wish to know which personal data excap has obtained about you, you may exercise your right of access by submitting a request to excap. 

5.2 Making changes 

If you wish to make changes to the personal information that you have seen as a result of a request for access, and you are unable to make the changes yourself in your account, you may request that excap makes these changes for you. You may request that excap modifies, corrects, supplements, erases or shields your information. 

5.3 Restriction of processing of personal data 

You also have the right, under certain conditions, to ask excap to restrict the processing of your personal data. 

5.4 Right to object 

If your data is processed by excap or a third party on the basis of 'legitimate interest', you have the right to object to this processing. 

5.5 Portability of data 

You have the right to receive your personal data from excap. Excap will provide this in a structured and commonly used format, which can be easily opened using commonly used digital systems. 

5.6 Withdrawing consent 

When the legal basis for a particular processing is your explicit consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent. This will not affect past processing, but means that we will no longer be allowed to process this data in the future. It may also result in excap no longer being able to provide you with certain services. 

5.7 Response from excap 

A request can be sent to Excap will comply with your request as soon as possible and in any case no later than one (1) month after excap has received such a request. In the event that excap rejects your request, we will state the reasons for the rejection in our reply. 

6. Can changes be made to this Privacy Statement? 

This Privacy Statement is subject to changes. The version date is indeed stated. 

7. Questions? 

If you have any questions about the processing of personal data, you can contact us at +31 20 204 45 08. If you wish to make a complaint about our privacy policy, please contact: Mr Arjen van Hijum (Director General) 


Last version: 09-03-2023 


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  • Is Mystery Guest Research also used for online journeys?

    Absolutely. An online customer shops differently compared to a customer in a physical shop. Online Mystery Shopping exposes the bottlenecks in your webshop, so that you can improve the online experience. The entire buyer journey is measured, up to and including the return of the purchase.

  • How do Customer Journeys and Mystery Guest Research go together?

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  • What criteria determine the cost of a good Mystery Guest Research?

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  • What practical examples are there?

    Every week we publish new insights on Customer Experience and Employee Experience. We find it important to share our own expertise with our network. Or we let excap's ambassadors have their say: satisfied customers with whom we made a real impact.

  • Does excap Mystery Guest Research also take place outside the Benelux?

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    Employee Experience is measured within different groups of employees, investigating different departments. Such a survey > research usually takes place once per quarter, but ideally every fortnight. In this way, progress and policy can be monitored and adjusted immediately.

  • Why is the feedback from mystery shoppers reliable?

    Our mystery shoppers receive an extensive briefing before the start of their assignment so that they are always well prepared. The number of assignments per mystery shopper is limited in order to guarantee quality. On top, there's an internal control before the delivery of the final results.

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    Our database of over 5000 mystery shoppers consists of very different people. From young to old, from make-up lovers and handymen to teachers and engineers. Our mystery shoppers are carefully selected by our recruitment team. Read more >

  • Can I ask an additional question?

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